Dana Perino: Democrats are in a ‘world of hurt’ as New Hampshire primary draws near

“Daily Briefing” host Dana Perino sat down with Fox News Radio’s Gurnal Scott ahead of Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary to break down the 2020 race following the chaos that surrounded last week’s Iowa caucuses.

“I feel like the Democrats are really in a world of hurt right now,” Perino said on Monday’s “Fox News Rundown” podcast.

“The Democrats are really in a world of hurt right now.”

— Dana Perino

“We are in the middle of a period where the Democrats are in some disarray. Iowa was unsettled and in fact, that Iowa Democrats are still looking at 95 precincts where they saw some irregularities,” she added.


Just a day before New Hampshire holds the first primary in the race for the White House, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders appeared to be the leader with 28 percent support among likely Democratic presidential primary voters, according to a University of New Hampshire tracking poll for CNN.

Sanders’ appeal has stemmed from his ability to rally up his base, but he will not satisfy Democrats looking to “return to normalcy” after President Trump, Perino explained.

“You do not get a return to normalcy with Bernie Sanders. You get a revolution.”

— Dana Perino

“They want a return to normalcy and somebody who can beat Trump. You do not get a return to normalcy with Bernie Sanders. You get a revolution. Americans are not out there in mass asking for a revolution,” she explained.


“However, I think from a communications standpoint, Bernie Sanders is arguably their very best communicator,” “The Five” co-host continued.  “He punches. He doesn’t care about being polite. And, I also believe that the Trump campaign is eyeing Bernie as the nominee more warily than they might suggest publicly, sort of aware of the threat he poses to their base of disaffected blue-collar voters that are hungry for a change.”

Former South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg appeared to be a close second, at 21 percent support, while former Vice President Joe Biden registered at only 12 percent in the survey, which was conducted Wednesday through Saturday.


“You’re starting to see things come together,” Perino said, “and I think the most interesting thing is that the growing consensus in the feel up here in New Hampshire is that Joe Biden’s campaign is on its last legs.”

“The growing consensus… is that Joe Biden’s campaign is on its last legs.”

— Dana Perino

As far as Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who finished third in last week’s Iowa caucuses, Perino said it may be time for the candidate to call it quits.

“Nobody wants the bronze,” she said, “and if you’re the first or the second in Iowa, then everyone’s talking about you going into New Hampshire. She’s likely to be third here in New Hampshire as well. She’s probably going to be third in Nevada, probably third and South Carolina and third doesn’t get you to the nomination.”

One candidate notably absent from Iowa was former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who has chosen to skip the early-state nominating contests and focus instead on the states awarding their delegates on March 3, Super Tuesday.

“He aims to really make this very difficult for President Trump to win reelection, but he’s also kind of giving some heartburn to some Democrats,” she explained. “I mean, I find it hard to imagine, but maybe it’s true that the eyes of the lonely Democratic Party will settle on Mike Bloomberg, a former Republican who supported George W. Bush and John McCain, who is an unabashed capitalist, doesn’t really seem to fit the moment.”

Bloomberg recently has made waves for shelling out over $300 million of his own money on TV ads alone, but his excessive spending can’t buy the “love” that Trump, Sanders and Buttigieg have earned, Perino said.


“I can understand buying the infrastructure, but he can’t buy love,” she concluded, “and President Trump and frankly, Bernie Sanders and I would say Mayor Pete, they have love amongst their ranks.”

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Fox News’ Paul Steinhauser contributed to this report.

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