Rep. Nunes to Newsmax: Big Tech Backed Biden, He’s Not Inclined to Go After Them

Big Tech was a big backer of Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential run, and now that he is sitting in the Oval Office, there is really no incentive for him to rush to appoint people to look into where tech companies unduly influenced the election, Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., tells Newsmax.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg alone gave $350 million that went to nonprofits that targeted very blue counties and toss-up states, Nunes told Thursday’s “Spicer & Co.”

“We’ve heard a lot about election fraud, but we haven’t heard how one of the richest men on the Earth can give $350 million,” Nunes said. “We also believe that other tech companies gave another $150 million for a total of $500 million that went to clearly influence the outcome.”

Both the Federal Communications Commission and Federal Trade Commission are still led by acting chairs, as is the Antitrust Division of the Department of Justice, something that Nunes and Mike Davis, founder and president of Internet Accountability Project, who also appeared on the program, said they believed it is purposeful by the Biden administration to slow or prevent any investigation into Big Tech election influence.

“I mean, let’s not be idiots here, folks,” Nunes said. “They’re never going to fill these positions. They’re never going to take on all these Big Tech companies. That’s because they bought them off.

“And why would you want to?” he continued. “They’re doing the Democrat socialists’ bidding.

“They have Donald Trump banned,” he added.

Davis said Big Tech has been given antitrust amnesty since the Obama-Biden administration.

“We have not enforced our century-old antitrust laws,” Nunes said.

“You couple that antitrust amnesty with Section 230 immunity and Big Tech has become above the law, and they have way too much power.”

Silencing and deplatforming a sitting president of the United States was over the top, Davis said.

“This is a big task for the Biden administration,” he added. “I think the congressman’s right: The Biden administration is in the bag for Big Tech, and we’re going to see that with their antitrust division pick, their FTC pick, the FCC picks.”

Nunes called it a “fake news narrative” that Democrats in Congress will do anything bipartisan to go after Big Tech.

Davis said he does see a few bipartisan opportunities with Democrats, but added, “I wouldn’t hold our breath – just because you know the Democrats have given Big Tech amnesty for so long, and they’ve let Big Tech become so powerful, that you know it’s going to be hard to put the genie back in the bottle.”

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