Goya Foods CEO: Dems ‘Declared Martial Law’ With Virus Shutdowns

Goya Foods President and CEO Robert Unanue Friday said Democrats “essentially declared martial law” by ordering shutdowns over the coronavirus and accused them of having “weaponized” the pandemic for political gain. 

“The problem is, it’s a political year,” Unanue said on Fox News’ “Fox and Friends.” “Unfortunately they shut down this economy.”

His comments came after President-elect Joe Biden outlined his plans for further coronavirus stimulus legislation in a $1.9 trillion proposal for speeding up COVID-19 vaccinations, boosting testing, providing $1,400 stimulus checks, extending federal funding for state and local governments and for schools, and increasing the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour. 

But Unanue said the worst thing that happened was to shut down the economy. 

“It killed our spirit,” he said. “We need a reason to get up in the morning: God, family, and work. They’re taking away our spirit, they’re taking away our ability to work.”

And, he added, to do this for political gain is “criminal.”

“It’s the worst thing we could have done,” he said. “I think it is immoral to shut down this economy for this … basically political reason.”

He also accused Democrats of pushing for more control of Americans’ lives, especially when it comes to religion. 

“We’re one nation under God,” he said. “We’re not one nation under Twitter, we’re not one nation under big media or under essential government. We’re trying to have media and Big Tech control our lives. … We need to not move away from God. We need to move closer to God. They want to cancel God. They want to cancel speech, our speech. They want to cancel our culture, our history, our liberty.”

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