Scott Baio to Newsmax TV: Hopes ‘Brave Judges’ Can Stop Election Theft

  • Andy Biggs to Newsmax TV: Enough Evidence for Lawsuit in Arizona

    Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., told Newsmax TV on Tuesday that President Donald Trump’s campaign legal team has “evidence to sustain a lawsuit” in the state of Arizona. Biggs made his comments on “National Report” about the argument presented by Trump’s legal team at an event in…

  • Amistad Lawyer: FBI Collecting Data on Vote Fraud

    The FBI is using voter fraud information collected by the Amistad Project, the project’s director, Phillip Kline, said Monday on Newsmax TV.

  • Rick Gates to Newsmax TV: Biden Cabinet an ‘Obama Reboot’

    Rick Gates, President Donald Trump’s 2016 deputy campaign manager, called Joe Biden’s announced cabinet selections an “Obama reboot,” telling Newsmax TV on Monday that the choices so far are nothing more than “professional insiders and bureaucrats.”…

  • Rep. Jody Hice to Newsmax TV: No Time to Let Feelings Get in the Way of Voting in Runoffs

    Rep. Jody Hice, R-Ga., says there’s no time to let feelings get in the way of voting in Georgia’s upcoming Senate runoffs.Many of President Donald Trump’s supporters are calling for voters to abstain from the races…

  • Ric Grenell to Newsmax TV: DC Press Are in Bag for Dems

    White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany shut down a CNN reporter at press briefing, saying she does not call on activists, and former Amb. Ric Grenell on Newsmax TV said that is ostensibly the entire media in the capitol….

  • Rep. Barry Loudermilk to Newsmax TV: Forensic Analysis Needed of Dominion Machines

    In light of a judge’s ruling ordering three Georgia counties to erase or reset voting machines following the contested presidential election, Rep. Barry Loudermilk, R-Ga., is calling for a forensic analysis of Dominion voting machines used in the voting.

  • Dick Morris to Newsmax TV: Remedy Will Come From State Legislatures

    Former Democratic strategist and White House adviser Dick Morris told Newsmax TV on Monday the Trump campaign’s appeal to state legislatures is “truly where we’ll get our remedy” on claims of voter fraud and election irregularities.

  • Roger Stone to Newsmax TV: Evidence Denial Is a Media ‘Stunt’

    The breathless claims of “no evidence” of voter fraud is a “mainstream media stunt,” according to Roger Stone on Newsmax TV.

  • Sidney Powell to Newsmax TV: Dominion Contracts Warrant Criminal Probe

    The $107 million contract awarded by Georgia for Dominion Voting Systems should be thoroughly investigated for potential “benefits being paid to family members of those who signed the contract,” according to former federal prosecutor Sidney Powell on Newsmax TV.

  • Scott Baio to Newsmax TV: Woke Dems Actually Woke GOP

    The woke Democrats thought they were inspiring their base, but all of the gains by Republicans in the election were a result the GOP being awoken, according to conservative director and actor Scott Baio on Newsmax TV.

  • Sharyl Attkisson to Newsmax TV: 2016 Accelerated Media Bias

    Special interest forces saw the 2016 information cycle as too free online, so they bolstered efforts to control the dissemination of dissent online, according to author Sharyl Attkisson on Newsmax TV.

  • Alan Dershowitz to Newsmax TV: Reject Warnock’s ‘Bigoted Views’

    Considering himself a liberal Democrat, Alan Dershowitz on Newsmax TV said he prefers a Democrat-held Senate, but not at the expense of voting for a “bigot” in Rev. Raphael Warnock.

  • Jenna Ellis to Newsmax TV: Trump Team Heads to Arizona Legislature Next

    Senior Legal Adviser to the Trump 2020 campaign Jenna Ellis said Friday on Newsmax TV that she and a team will head to Arizona on Monday in an effort to convince the state’s legislature to reassert its authority…

  • Giuliani: Team Trump Looking Past Election Suits to State Houses?

    Rudy Giuliani says he and his associates contesting election results on behalf of President Donald Trump will be lobbying state legislatures in key states to assert their authority in determining the electors for the Electoral College in addition to their legal challenges…

  • David Horowitz to Newsmax TV: Supreme Court Ruling on Religion/COVID Refreshing

    Former liberal-turned-conservative author David Horowitz called the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling that prohibited New York Gov. Mario Cuomo’s COVID-19-justified limits on religious gatherings “refreshing…

  • Dick Morris to Newsmax TV: Fraud Part of Long-Term Strategy by Dems

    Former Democrat strategist and White House adviser Dick Morris told Newsmax TV on Friday that the fraud claimed by him, President Donald Trump, and others was the manifestation of a long-term strategy by Democrats…

  • John McLaughlin to Newsmax TV: Media Bias Against Trump Entire Election

    The mainstream media bias in the coverage of President Donald Trump’s election challenges is no different than the bias against his presidency all year, pollster John McLaughin told Newsmax TV Thursday.

  • Kevin Sorbo to Newsmax TV: COVID-19 Restrictions Have Ruined Lives

    Actor Kevin Sorbo says COVID-19 restrictions have ruined people’s lives.”I just find it amazing of what we’re doing to people,” Sorbo said Thursday during an appearance on Newsmax TV’s “Spicer & Co.” to discuss his new documentary, “Against the Tide: Finding God in an Age…

  • Fred Fleitz to Newsmax TV: Strike Against Iran Isn’t Likely

    President Donald Trump is committed to keeping the United States out of any new wars, and it’s not likely he’ll order a strike against Iran, Fred Fleitz, the former national security chief of staff for the Trump administration, told Newsmax TV after reports that Israel’s…

  • Ric Grenell to Newsmax TV: Transparency Showed Flynn Case ‘Overblown’

    The case against former national security adviser Michael Flynn was “completely overblown,” but when classified information was made publicly available, it exposed the “whole Russian…

  • KT McFarland to Newsmax TV: Flynn’s Pardon Justified

    Former national security adviser Michael Flynn should never have been charged with a crime because he didn’t commit one, and President Donald Trump was right to pardon him, K.T. McFarland, who served as Flynn’s deputy NSA, told Newsmax TV Thursday. “I think it…

  • Joe Arpaio to Newsmax TV: Pleased With Flynn Pardon

    Former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the first person pardoned by President Donald Trump, told Newsmax TV Thursday he’s pleased with the president’s decision to pardon ex-National Security Adviser…

  • Corey Lewandowski to Newsmax TV: Biden Lacked Tenacity, Wherewithal on Russia Collusion Hoax

    Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski says Joe Biden should have had the ”wherewithal and tenacity” to step forward and tell the American people that the Russia collusion narrative was a hoax. Lewandowski, discussing Michael Flynn’s pardon Wednesday by President Donald…

  • Scott Baio to Newsmax TV: Hopes ‘Brave Judges’ Can Stop Election Theft

    Actor Scott Baio echoed the opinion of many conservatives and voters for President Donald Trump on Newsmax TV on Wednesday, fearing the election was stolen and hoping for some “brave judges” to stop it…

  • Dick Morris to Newsmax TV: Georgia Ignored Election Fraud Warning

    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution had forecast potential voter fraud in Georgia with its scathing rebuke of the new Dominion Voting Systems’ vulnerabilities Oct. 23, presidential political strategist Dick Morris lamented on Newsmax TV.

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