Rep. Gosar to Newsmax TV: Election ‘Doesn’t Make Sense’

Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar questioned the apparent contradiction in the election results of Republicans gaining at least seven seats in the House of Representatives, appearing to retain control of the Senate and President Donald Trump receiving 13 million more votes than in 2016 and yet ostensibly losing to Joe Biden.

Gosar, 61, who represents Arizona’s 4th Congressional District from the Phoenix suburbs to the Nevada border, told Newsmax TV on Tuesday that Arizona’s tally for president showed Biden leading by about 10,000 votes, which he questioned considering the use of the disputed Dominion Voting Systems Corp. software to count ballots in Maricopa County, which includes more than half the state’s population.

“It didn’t work so well in the House,” Gosar said on “Greg Kelly Reports.” “You know, 27 toss-up races in the House by (the) Cook (Political Report), and the Republicans won it all. That’s what just doesn’t make sense. How is it that we, the Republicans, held our ground and gained all across the board, and yet the president overperforms and he loses? It doesn’t make sense.”

Gosar expressed the sentiment that statements and actions combined with the results have given rise to make many suspicious of the supposed outcome. Asked if we have messed up elections Gosar said “oh we really have.

“Particularly when you see some of the comments from our secretary of state (Democrat Katie Hobbs) saying she was elected to get Democrats elected, now that’s magical, and then calling Trump supporters Nazis,” he said. “That hardly builds confidence in your state officials. And then you see results where you see a huge spike in the number of 90-year-olds, that all of a sudden decide to get registered to vote – just all of a sudden. It doesn’t make sense, particularly in a state that the president was extremely popular.”

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