Dick Morris to Newsmax TV: Georgia Ignored Election Fraud Warning

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution had forecast potential voter fraud in Georgia with its scathing rebuke of the new Dominion Voting Systems’ vulnerabilities Oct. 23, but Georgia ignored it, according to presidential political strategist Dick Morris on Newsmax TV.

The AJC “ran a story 11 days before Election Day, warning that Georgia’s new electronic voting system is vulnerable to cyberattacks that could cause chaos at the polls or even manipulate the results on Election Day,” Morris told Wednesday’s “American Agenda,” noting the AJC is a Democrat-leaning newspaper.

“They were warned about this by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, that’s like being warned about it by the Democratic Party; they are an organ of the Democratic Party. But, nevertheless, they reported this and the Secretary of State’s office ignored it completely.”

The AJC report quoted U.S. District Judge Amy Totenberg before the election warning that the Dominion Voting System “presents serious security vulnerability and operational issues” caused by “fundamental deficits and exposure.”

“These risks are neither hypothetical nor remote under the current circumstances,” Totenberg wrote in a order criticizing Georgia’s state election officials, per the AJC.

Also, the AJC reported, Georgia paid $104 million to be the only state in the U.S. to use the Dominion Voting System in every polling place.

Most egregiously, Morris noted, GOP Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger’s “office weakened the system’s defenses, disabling password protections on a key component that controls who is allowed to vote,” the AJC reported.

“In addition, days before early voting began on Oct. 12, Raffensperger’s office pushed out new software to each of the state’s 30,000 voting machines through hundreds of thumb drives that experts say are prone to infection with malware,” the report continued.

“And what state officials describe as a feature of the new system actually masks a vulnerability.

“Officials tell voters to verify their selections on a paper ballot before feeding it into an optical scanner. But the scanner doesn’t record the text that voters see; rather, it reads an unencrypted quick response, or QR, barcode that is indecipherable to the human eye. Either by tampering with individual voting machines or by infiltrating the state’s central elections server, hackers could systematically alter the barcodes to change votes.”

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