Dick Morris to Newsmax TV: Dominion Needs to Be Investigated

In a signal where President Donald Trump’s legal focus is right now, presidential political strategist Dick Morris on Newsmax TV wagged a skeptical finger at Dominion Voting Systems.

“Something clearly is amiss,” Morris told Tuesday’s “Stinchfield” about data and election result irregularities being reported in key battleground states, including large turnouts and margins for Joe Biden where polling was not showing such strength.

“I do not necessarily believe it was a retail fraud, you know, vote by vote, count by count,” Morris told host Greg Kelly. “I think it may well have originated in the Dominion software, in the Smartmatic software that the polling people, voting people used.”

Trump lawyer Sidney Powell earlier Tuesday noted the legal team has the affidavit of a former high-ranking Venezuelan military officer who worked closely with Hugo Chavez to rig elections with the Dominion Voting Systems.

Morris is calling for state-by-state audits of Dominion, and failing that, Trump supporters need to contact their state legislators to refuse to certify the election results until an thorough investigation is conducted.

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