CDC Panel to Decide Who Gets Vaccine First

A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention panel will meet next week to decide who receives the coronavirus vaccine first, CNN reported Monday.

The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices will meet for five hours on Nov. 23, according to committee member Dr. William Schaffner.

Those first in line to get the vaccine would be healthcare workers, essential workers, people over age 65, and those with underlying health conditions. The panel will discuss the order in which the groups should receive the vaccine, Schaffner said.

Then the committee would have to define which underlying conditions meet the criteria of allowing a person to get the vaccine early. Also, the panel has to define an “essential worker,” which can include everyone from police officers and healthcare workers to those working at supermarkets.

“There have been huge ethical discussions about this,” Schaffner said.

Pfizer announced a vaccine with 90% efficacy earlier this month and Moderna on Monday announced its offering, which the company says proved 94.5% effective in clinical trials. Both companies are seeking emergency Food and Drug Administration approval, in hopes of launching vaccines for some in December and for the general population by late April.

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