Twilight Imperium, an epic battle through the universe, is 25% off for Black Friday

Twilight Imperium game

Twilight Imperium is a game of epic proportions, creating a battle for intergalactic domination.

(Image: © Fantasy Flight Games)

For more than 20 years, Twilight Imperium has delighted space fans and board game fans alike. Now, the game’s fourth edition can be yours for 25% cheaper than usual. This epic game is on sale at Walmart for $112.77, down from its usual $149.99 at other retailers. 

Twilight Imperium is an intergalactic battle for 3-6 players (ages 14+). Each player takes command of one of 17 unique factions to compete in warfare, trade, allegiances, and political dominance, all with the goal of ruling the galaxies. You’ll be able to choose from civilizations like the wormhole-hopping Ghosts of Creuss or the Emirates of Hacan (who are masters of trade). All races have special skills and all have many paths to victory. 

Twilight Imperium is an epic board game on the scale of Dungeons & Dragons, with more than 1,000 components, 17 factions to choose from, and a totally random board setup so that no two games are ever the same. 

With the four to eight hours of game play the board offers you every time you crack it open, Twilight Imperium is a steal at just $112 this Black Friday. 

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