This UK Black Friday TV deal is the cheapest OLED TV around – even without a discount

philips 55oled754

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If you’re in the UK, and looking for the cheapest OLED TV around over Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the Philips OLED 754 is still the way to go.

This 55-inch OLED TV has been retailing for £989 for several months now, with only the likes of the LG BX OLED at £1,098 getting close. (Not in the UK? Scroll down for the best OLED TV deals in your region).

We’ve seen plenty of good Black Friday TV deals besides, on OLED as well as QLED and LCD TVs, but for some reason no one has managed to undercut this entry-level OLED set from Philips. 

Given the usual expense of OLED TVs, it’s noteworthy to find one for under the £1,000 mark. And the 55OLED754 is even more notable for featuring three-sided Ambilight – the proprietary Philips tech that projects colours and hues around your television display, for an ambient light-show of a kind not offered by any other TV brand.

Support for HDR10+, Dolby Vision, and HLG means you’re getting broad HDR support too, along with 4K resolution. The Saphi operating system isn’t the best around, with some fiddly menus, but app support will still have you covered for the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video – and it’s a small complaint given this set’s overall capabilities.

Today’s cheapest UK Black Friday OLED TV deal

Philips OLED 754 4K HDR TV: £989 at Currys
The Philips 55OLED754 offers punchy visuals and a great suite of smart options, at a price that brings the benefits of OLED TVs within the reach of more people than ever before. 
View Deal

Only the 55-inch model is still in stock, so don’t expect to find a 65-inch OLED TV at such a tempting price. Other higher-spec Philips OLEDs at larger (and smaller) sizes are listed below, though none for quite as little as the 55OLED754.

It’s worth noting that we could always see a cut-price OLED over the Black Friday weekend (November 27-30), but this is still a brilliant price for what you’re getting, despite it not being discounted in the past week.

More Philips OLED TV deals

Philips 55-inch OLED805 with Ambilight: £1,499 £1,199 at Currys
This step-down model is still a premium package from Philips. It’s an OLED TV with Google Assistant, Dolby Vision / HDR10+ / HLG, Dolby Atmos audio, and three-sided Ambilight.View Deal

Philips 65-inch OLED805 with Ambilight: £2,199 £1,899 at Currys
A 65-inch OLED TV with Ambilight. It’s effectively the same as the OLED+935 (below), but without the built-in soundbar or a fourth side of Ambilight.View Deal

Philips 48-inch OLED+935 with Ambilight: £1,799 £1,499 at Currys
This compact 48-inch OLED TV delivers excellent picture quality, and is packing four-sided Ambilight and a built-in soundbar from Bowers & Wilkins.View Deal

Philips 55-inch OLED+935 with Ambilight: £1,999 £1,699 at Currys
Or get the 55-inch model of this Philips OLED TV, with four-sided Ambilight, Dolby Vision / HDR10+, and a built-in soundbar from Bowers & Wilkins.View Deal

Philips 65-inch OLED+935 with Ambilight: £2,699 £2,399 at Currys
If you need something a bit bigger, this 65-inch 4K TV packs in an OLED panel, four-sided Ambilight, Dolby Vision / HDR10+, and a built-in soundbar from Bowers & Wilkins.View Deal

Looking for more OLED TV deals? You’ll find all the lowest prices from across the web right here, with offers available in the US, UK, and Australia. 

TechRadar is rounding up all the top deals over the Black Friday sales period, and we’ve put all the best Black Friday 2020 deals in an easy-to-navigate article to help you find the bargains you’re looking for.

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