Code like a Jedi with this Kano Star Wars The Force Coding Kit on sale for 60% off this Black Friday

Kano Star Wars The Force Coding Kit

If you only knew the power of this Black Friday sale, you’d Force yourself to act quickly.

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Your “Star Wars” obsessed kid has no excuse not to learn coding now, as the Kano “Star Wars” The Force Coding Kit is an amazing 60% off at Amazon. So you can buy hours of education-focused fun for the low price of $16, an incredible deal.

All you need is a tablet or similar device to hook into the powers of the Force. Kid-friendly activities include building a sensor to detect hand motions, piloting X-Wings with the Force, making music just like you hear in the films, and creating your own stories with “Star Wars” characters.

Step-by-step challenges will help you learn how to code, even if your skill levels are that of Baby Yoda. You’ll receive Connect code blocks and JavaScript coaching. As you train, you’ll become even more powerful — just like Luke Skywalker!

Kano Star Wars The Force Coding Kit: $79.99 $15.89 at Amazon

Feel the power of the Force with this epic Kano Star Wars Coding Kit, listed at a Dark Side-defying 60% off. Play with the powers of the Force with all of your favorite “Star Wars” characters, including Porgs, BB-8 and Baby Yoda.

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Don’t let the Empire pull away this product from the store, before you get there.

You’ll want to give your kids the chance to build their own Star Wars story, whether they prefer the light side or the dark side, X-Wings or TIE fighters, or fighting Rebels or Stormtroopers.

The system is compatible with systems such as Windows 10, iPad, Mac and Amazon Fire Tablets, allowing you to partake in adventure no matter what your preferred tech ecosystem. And at 60% off, buying this coding kit will be a deal to keep your kids learning and happy for months to come.

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