Bret Baier says ‘more and more dots’ point to Wuhan lab as origin of coronavirus pandemic

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Special Report” anchor Bret Baier joined “Hannity” Friday night to give an update on his report on the suspected origins of the coronavirus in China.

“More and more dots, both open-source and classified [information], point right to the lab. And that’s why we said increasing confidence,” Baier said. “What there is 100 percent confidence of, and we’ve reported this and now more and more officials are saying it publicly, is the level and extent of the coverup China went to.”


Biaer explained that the virus was naturally occurring and not man-made.

“They believe that this Shi Zhengli, who was working in the Wuhan Virology Lab, was essentially working on antiviral and immunization efforts. That’s what our sources are saying. That’s what matches some of the reports that were out from the University of South China and others, that there were efforts to study these viruses in that very lab,” Baier said. “And basically, [they believe] that the non-man-made part is pointing specifically to the genetic mapping of this virus right now and that it hopped from an animal to human. And it was not altered in its genetic sequence.”


Host Sean Hannity asked Baier about China’s coverup efforts, to which the anchor responded “there are dots.”

“There are dots on the board and that is: How much they went to scrub all of the data, the fact that you can’t find some of these doctors, including Shi Zhengli, who was working on it,” Baier said. “The fact that some of the samples were destroyed, [and] the fact that just today, Sean, the Chinese government announced an increase in the death total in Wuhan by 50 percent.”

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