COVID-19 survivor dubbed a ‘walking miracle’ shares message of faith

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Ohio COVID-19 survivor Nic Brown shared a message of faith with “Fox & Friends First” viewers on Thursday after relating his own experience with the novel coronavirus.


“You absolutely have to have faith, especially with a virus like this, because it impacts people so differently and you have no idea what it’s going to do to you or a loved one or even to a stranger,” said Brown, who recovered after being placed on life support in an intensive care unit. “I really believe the community’s support behind me and the prayer that they provided me was the difference-maker, especially when I talk to the doctors and they tell me that they have no idea what turned me around.

“I had so many people tell me that I’m not normal and I am a walking miracle,” he continued.

When Brown was asked if he thought he was going to die, he answered: “Yeah, I really did.”


“There was a moment of despair that I had kind of gone through where I was actually just ready for them to kind of pull the plug,” Brown continued, adding that hospital staff had reached out to his wife about that possibility.

According to Brown, his wife told doctors, “He is my best friend, do everything you can to bring him back.”

Brown, 38, said he has “no idea” why the virus affected him the way it did.

“I did have a childhood history of asthma, but I never really dealt with that as an adult so I don’t know if that was something that was an issue with this,” he said.

Brown said the hospital staff helped him by leaving notes on his window with goals for the day.

“The ability to try to increase my breathing, moving my feet, my legs, those types of things,” he explained.

Brown went on to say that his “hospital stay was about 18 days, seven were on life support and through the whole process I really felt God’s love through these people. I mean, in a situation where you have no family because you are in isolation, they really treated me as if I was their family.”

Brown left the hospital workers a note when he was discharged writing, “I leave this ICU a changed person knowing that there are such wonderful people dedicated to the care and concern of others.” He says he is currently feeling great “other than residual oxygen issues we are trying to work through as I continue to heal and get past the pneumonia.”


“My second day home, I actually had about 3,000 steps just around the house, trying to keep moving and get my strength back,” he said.

As of Thursday, Ohio had 2,902 coronavirus cases and 65 deaths, according to data compiled by Fox News.

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