Donald Trump Jr sparks protests, fan support during stop at UCLA

Donald Trump Jr., who is on a nationwide book tour that included a tense stop at “The View,” was in Southern California on Sunday where he was greeted by protesters and some supporters at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Trump Jr.’s appearance, once inside, was marked by an argument between him and the audience over why he would not take questions, the Guardian newspaper reported. Trump was initially being greeted with shouts of shouts of “USA! USA!” when he first appeared on the stage of a lecture hall, members of the audience eventually turned to louder, openly hostile chants of “Q and A! Q and A!” after they were told he would not take questions, the newspaper reported.

The Guardian said that Trump Jr. told the audience that taking questions from the floor risked creating soundbites that leftwing social media posters would abuse and distort.

Kimberly Guilfoyle, his girlfriend, told audience members that they were being rude, according to the Guardian.

After the stop at the university, Trump Jr. posted on Twitter that he appeared at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley where he said he stayed for over four hours and had about 1,400 in attendance. He said the audience had high energy.

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