Greg Norman hits Tiger Woods over handwritten letter slight

Greg Norman said that fellow golf legend Tiger Woods snubbed him by not responding to a handwritten letter that he personally delivered after Woods won this year’s Masters Tournament.

Norman, known as “The Great White Shark,” told Men’s Health magazine that he does not maintain any kind of relationship with Woods, and he pointed to the goodwill gesture going unreturned.

He recalled identifying himself to one of Woods’ guards at his home and said, “I’ve got a note for Tiger—can you please hand-deliver it to him?’ Well, I never heard back from the guy.”

Norman was recently on Fox Business and talked about the letter. He told host Stuart Varney that it essentially called Woods’ return “truly impressive.”

It was unclear if Woods’ guard every passed on the note. Woods has not spoken publicly about Norman’s claim.

Woods, 43, was praised for his first victory at Augusta National since 2005 and his first major title since 2008. He was also given the Presidential Medal of Freedom for the accomplishment.

President Trump, a friend, said Woods was inspiring and his relentless drive to win embodied “the American spirit of pushing boundaries.”


Norman, 64, was profiled in the magazine due to his impressive physical conditioning and his quest to live well into his hundreds.

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