Social media responds to Mitt Romney’s apparent Pierre Delecto Twitter account

Sen. Mitt Romney, one of President Trump’s top Republican critics, on Sunday appeared to confirm the existence of a shadow Twitter account with the handle @qaws9876 with the name Pierre Delecto.

A writer for the Atlantic, who just wrote a profile on the Utah Republican and his tense relationship with the president, asked Romney about the mystery Twitter account. He said Romney responded in the affirmative: “C’est moi.”

The Twitter account does not have a profile or banner picture and is locked. The account follows 702 users and has 1,173 followers. The Washington Examiner reported that the account does not follow Trump’s account.

Many took to social media to make fun of the name, which reminded users of the Anthony Weiner saga with Carlos Danger. Seth Abarmson, a writer for Newsweek, took to Twitter to joke, “Stop me if you heard this one: Pierre Delecto,  Carlos Danger and John Barron walk into a bar…”


John Barron was reportedly the name of Trump’s spokesman in the 1980s who was actually Trump himself responding to reporters. The Washington Post, citing the book “Never  Enough: Donald Trump and the Pursuit of Excellence,” reported that Trump’s father, Fred Trump, would also use a phony-spokesman named “Mr. Green.”

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