Ex-NFL star Jack Brewer: Why Trump policies are secretly loved by most liberals (even if they won’t admit it)

Imagine a country where the president was promoted by the media as a far-right extremist, yet his signature policies align with the core issues preached by far-left liberals.

If we could remove the double standard, President Donald Trump would likely be more popular with liberals than favorites like Bill Clinton or John F. Kennedy.

In under 3 years, Trump has accomplished many of the things that Democrats, for years, have promised they would do.


Since Election Day 2016, the media has freaked out about things that Trump has never done while refusing to acknowledge the numerous accomplishments of his administration

Peace Not War

Think back to the 2016 election and the widespread liberal narrative that President Trump would likely create wars around the world. The president wasted no time leading a swift and effective strike to dismantle ISIS soon after taking office, losing very few American lives and leading to an ongoing push to bring our troops home.

You may remember, the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to President Barack Obama for his “extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between people.”

Seven years later, reality set in as the Obama administration ordered over 26,000 bombs to be dropped during the last year of his presidency alone, bringing devastation around the world.

I wonder what the Nobel Peace Prize committee thinks when they digest the reality that Obama was, in fact, a war hawk? You would think that liberals would welcome a new president who vowed to pull back on the excessive bombing and warmongering – and then actually followed through with it.

Despite the false narrative, President Trump has continued to pull our troops out of the endless wars which have caused criticism from both political parties. Even though Trump has proved to be a much more peaceful commander in chief than Obama and many others before him, the Democrats’ pride will never allow them to admit this fact.

Illegal Immigration

Liberals across America have branded President Trump as a “racist in chief” because of his efforts to protect the border and hold illegal immigrants accountable for breaking the laws that govern the United States.

The attack on our ICE department and the constant pushback against enforcing our border walls caused me to dive deeper into the realities of the Trump administration’s immigration policy enforcement compared to his predecessors.

My jaw literally dropped when I realized that President Obama deported 3 million illegal immigrants during his two terms, nearly double the pace of President Trump.

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Ironically, this is rarely covered in the media. If you spend some time listening to Obama’s soundbites, he was literally as tough on illegal immigration as the most right-wing conservative.

So why aren’t liberals, who claim to support open borders, not celebrating President Trump’s decrease in deportations? When you remove the president’s name on the door, liberals actually love Trump’s immigration policies, whether they realize it or not.

Mass Incarceration

Liberals have long stood up against mass incarceration — from the NFL kneeling debate to Hip Hop artists using their platforms to promote and lobby for criminal justice reform.

Musicians like Jay Z, John Legend and Meek Mill, athletes like Colin Kaepernick, LeBron James and many others have addressed the most debilitating civil rights issue of our time.

As millions of black men deal with the mandatory minimum sentences resulting from the 1994 crime bill passed by Bill Clinton and authored by Joe Biden, liberal elites rarely admit that it was President Trump who actually passed the first major legislation that chipped away at mass incarceration.

To really highlight the hypocrisy, I researched the number of rappers who bragged and boasted in their songs about Trump before he became president, yet now refuse to give him credit for the very issues they claim to be about (if I missed a Trump supporter I apologize). They call themselves “woke.”

This expansive list of Trump-hype men includes: Tribe Called Quest, Beastie Boys, Master P, Rick Ross, Redman, Ice Cube, E-40, Nas, Nelly, Ludacris, Jay Z, Jeezy, Diddy, Lil Kim, Fat Joe, Fabolous, Pharrell, Big Sean, Shaq, Meek Mill, Beyoncé and DJ Khaled.

From my knowledge, only Kanye West has been real enough to give the president credit for taking the first major step to end the decades-long mass incarceration of black men in America.

Award-winning singer John Legend went as far as to put himself and his wife in the limelight for criminal justice reform, seeming to take credit for the Trump administration’s signature civil rights accomplishment. You’d think that the release of thousands of black men would give the Hip Hop world a lot to rap about. Unfortunately, the second that businessman Trump became President Trump, the rap community’s love turned to hate.


The president even helped get rapper A$AP Rocky out of jail in Sweden, yet the rapper didn’t have the decency to say, “thank you.” Imagine if Obama or Clinton had delivered the same favor?


My parent’s Democratic Party represented the working class, not the rich. In my mind, the last thing that a traditional liberal would tolerate was pay-to-play, or politicians who come to their office broke and then leave rich.

Well, either I was completely brainwashed, or politics and morality have completely changed.

It’s unthinkable that we would be witnessing a time in American politics where the Clintons could be $12 million in debt in early 2001 and then reach a net worth of over $200 million without ever having a major business.

Or what about Vice President Biden’s family being worth less than $500,000 in 2008 and then within a matter of 5 years his family has taken in cash and equity from numerous international companies and made over $15 million since leaving the Obama administration.

You can’t make this up.


Impeachment talks continue, pay-to-play is on display and the political divide drifts toward capitalism vs. socialism.

I think it’s fair to say that the love may be lost and morality confronts freedom in ways we have never seen.

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